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Java CardioPulmonary SIMulations
- Version 0.2.02 (2007-05-26) -

About jCpSim

jCpSim is an open source simulation environment for physiological processes (like ventilation) and their interaction with therapeutic measures (like ventilator therapy).

Running jCpSim

System Requirements

Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 5.0 or later.


To run a jCpSim simulation with Java Web Start (included in the Java Runtime Environment) you can click on one of the images below:

Volume controlled ventilation
of simple lung model
Arterial line
(under- and overdamping)

Or you can invoke Java Web Start fom the command line:


You can also download the compiled software (jcpsim_0.2.02.jar) from SourceForge.

  • (Double)clicking on jcpsim_0.2.02.jar will start the simulation on some operating systems.
  • Or else you can start it from the command line:
    java -jar jcpsim_0.2.02.jar



  • First public release.
  • Can be used for teaching simple respiratory mechanics.
  • Much more is planned for the future ('real ventilators', more complex models, circulation, pharmacokinetics, ...) - depending on my spare time.


How can i stay informed about new versions of jCpSim?

  • If you run jCpSim via Web Start and are connected to the internet you will always have the latest version. If you are offline Web Start will load the version you did use the last time.
  • You can subscribe to the jcpsim-announce mailing list (very low volume).

Which License?

Which software is used?

  • Java (
  • Piccolo (
  • The ODE solver (Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg algorithm with Cash-Karp parameters) is derived from:
    Press WH et al.: Numerical Recipes in C, 2nd ed.,
    Chapter 16.2: Adaptive Stepsize Control for Runge-Kutta.

Where is the source code?

  • You can download jCpSim_0.2.02_source.jar from SourceForge.
  • You can access the latest code (possibly not working!) from SVN.

Contact Info

Dr. Frank Fischer
Grasweg 12
D-91054 Buckenhof