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Java CardioPulmonary SIMulations
- Version 0.2.02 (2007-05-26) -
                             jCpSim ChangeLog

---- next version -------------------------------------------------------------

*Logging goes into console and LogWindow (, 
 menu: Settings - Debug - show log window).
*jcpsim.jnlp was missing.

---- version 0.2.02  (2007-05-26) ---------------------------------------------
* first tries to launch browser via WebStart,
 if that fails it uses the Desktop API.
*Fixed bug: did not run on Java 1.5.
*Fixed bug: ArterialLine.jnlp did load SimpleVentilator
*started PkPd model
*DeOutput and DEsOutput represent Differential Equations and function as Output
*Website: Images: width=xx height=xx for faster loading.
*Plot: Merged org.jcpsim.plot.ResultParameter and org.jcpsim.parameter.Output.

---- version 0.2.01  (2007-04-29) ---------------------------------------------
*Link to BESIM.
*Piccolo: patched PSwing (sticky PNodes were not drawn correctly)
*Piccolo: switched to svn revision 16
*javax.swing.DxRepaintManager: updates different regions separately 
 instead of their fullBounds (see: org.jcpsim.examples.TestRegionManagement)
*Website: better screenshots.
*Website: changed CVS to Subversion, added ArterialLine.
*Output values can be visualised (OutputElement).
*The sliders move as far as the Mouse is dragged.
*Switching between languages.
*i18n of MenuBar.
*Switching between scenarios in the menu.
*Loading a scenario via command line:  java -jar jcpsim.jar ArterialLine.
*Loading a scenario in an Applet by means of the SCENARIO parameter.
*New scenario: Arterial Line.
*Rendering quality can be set in the menu.
*SourceForge: moved from CVS to Subversion.
*Website: gets redirected 
*When fullscreen mode was exited by clicking the escape key the
 tic in 'view - fullscreen' was not reset.
*MS-Windows: Screen was not refreshed after initial resize.

---- version 0.2  (2007-02-20) ---------------------------------------------
* First 'usable' public release: volume controlled ventilation of a
  simple (RC) lung  model with many plots.
* Can be used for teaching simple respiratory mechanics.
* Much more is planned for the future ('real ventilators', more complex 
  models, circulation, pharmacokinetics, ...) - depending on my spare time.

---- version 0.1  (2005-04-17) ---------------------------------------------
* First public release.
* A lot of source code but not suitable for the end user.